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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is around the corner

Black Friday 2019 is around the corner. This year's Black Friday is on November 29th. What are the special offers on KUMIHO?
Most of our products are being promoted this year and they are very affordable. It mainly divided into 3 discount levels:
From Nov. 4th to Dec.2nd, 15%OFF on selected line
It's already started

From Nov. 15th to Dec. 5th, 20% OFFon selected line 
It's already started

From Nov. 29th to Dec. 2nd, 30% OFFon selected line
Not yet begun, add to your cart now!)
In addition, we will send coupons code for each previous customer to their email, including $20, $50, $100 coupons.
$20: Can be used when orders over $200.00
$50: Can be used when orders over $400.00
$90: Can be used when orders over $700.00
In a word, the price of Black Friday this year is really great. It will never be cheaper! And It's also very friendly to regular customers, now the activity has begun, why wait, immediately buy now!

Click here to see the Black Friday offer


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