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KUMIHO Crossdresser Store Christmas Final Special Offer

Black Friday and Internet Monday are over. Many crossdressers don't think they have enough. Now Christmas is coming. We're launching new promotions. You can continue shopping with CDs and TG. Let's see what's on offer this Christmas at KUMIHO?
1.Buy more save more
From Dec. 5th to Dec.31th, you will get discount if you:
Purchase up to $50 will get 5% OFF
Purchase up to $100 will get 10% OFF
Purchase up to $200 will get 85% OFF
Purchase up to $300 will get 20% OFF
Purchase up to $400 will get 25% OFF
2. Christmas $8 unlimited voucher
This $8 voucher is an unlimited voucher! You just need to enter the code ”XMAS8” when you pay, then payment amount of your order will be automatically reduced by $8. The voucher can be used from Dec. 5th to Dec.31th.

3.Silicone Breast 2G On sale
Christmas's best offer is that - 2G - Soft Silicone Filler - CDE Cup High Collar Silicone Breast, original price $249, current price $149, direct reduction of $100, is the most worth buying breast. The $149 breast only 10 pieces, why wait? But it now:

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