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What are the differences between different generations of pants? –KUMIHO

In the previous article, we analyzed the characteristics and differences of different generations of breasts. In this article, let's analyze the difference between different pants.

First of all, all pants have a basic vaginal shape and penis tube, you can choose to add a vaginal tube to meet sexual intercourse needs. In addition, you can also choose to increase pubic hair and anus.
Pubic Hair:
Open Anus:

First generation pants (1G) :
1G pants are available in a variety of styles, including shorts, 1/2 length, 3/4 length and ankle-length, meeting different length requirements and the price are cheapest compare to other generation.
Second generation pants (2G) :
2G pants only have three lengths: short, 1/2 length, but we have added the ability to shape and lift the hips, and the material has been upgraded, more flexible, more durable, and is not easily damaged. In addition, the vagina is also softer and more comfortable.

Forth generation pants (4G) :
4G pants only have one length, short. In addition to the body shaping function, the hips of the 4G pants are thickened, making the hips more rounded and sleek.
Of course, the material of 4G pants is also top-grade silicone, which is close to human skin and not easy to break.

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