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What are the differences between different generations of Silicone Breast? -KUMIHO

Different generations may have similar styles, but actually they are quite different from each other. This article will analyze the characteristics of each product, so that you can choose and buy products better.
1st generation Breast(1G)
All of our 1st Generation Breast (1G) are filled with silk cotton, which are lightweight and suitable for hanging outside or taking party. 

On the other hand, because the fillers are silk cotton, they sag less and the shape of the breasts is more stable.

What’s more, 1G material are easy to stretch and can be stretch to 150%.
And the most important point is that the 1G breasts are cheapest, if you're a crossdresser but don't want to spend too much money, try the 1G product!

2nd generation Breast(2G)
For 2nd Generation breast, the filler change to soft silicone, which can shake like the real breast, but a little heavy that 1G.

Moreover, 2G product are made by too-grade silicone, which can be stretch to 200%!
Of course, the price of 2G breast are higher than 1G, but it worth.

3rd generation Breast(3G)
The third generation improved the materials on the basis of the second generation, but you can choose silk cotton filler or soft silicone filler.

And we add heating function, which have human body temperature.


4th generation Breast(4G)
4G breast are the most popular breast.
From the 4th generation, we add red bloodshot, which are more realistic, and you can also choose silk cotton filler or soft silicone filler and also you can add heating function.

It have better breast shape and more realistic nipples.

As for me, I will recommend 4G silicone breast.

5th generation Breast(5G)
5G breast are our latest breast, it also has red bloodshot and silk cotton filler and soft silicone filler can be choose.
For the 5G breast, we have improved the material of silicone, which are less oil and is lighter overall, ensuring the sense of reality without feeling too heavy.

As a new product of 5G, the current price is very low for promotion, so the best time to buy 5G products is now!

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